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June 18, 2006 by Ray the Wanderer
I'm trying to locate some of my old buddies from Galciv1.
I'm currently beta-testing Nexus War, http://nexuswar.com, a browser MMORPG, and would like to revive those role-playing days we had during GC1 with you guys over at NW.
If you are keen, PM me (RayWanderer) at the NX forums http://forums.nexuswar.com
September 23, 2003 by Ray the Wanderer
Continuation of diplomatic moves favored by Galcivers.

6. The Mercenary

The Mercenary sells war declarations to the AIs. Provided that the AIs are willing to buy them, the Mercenary gets to circumvent the senate vote that is required when going to war. Alternatively, the Mercenary can gift the War Declaration to the AI for relationship improvement. This move is also the only way to declare war on an AI without physically attacking their ships.

Suggestion – 1) Senate to vote on war whe...
September 22, 2003 by Ray the Wanderer
Warning : Most, if not all of my Galciv articles would contain spoliers so be warned.

Continuation of favored Diplomatic moves

3. The Surrender Monkey (SM)

The state of relations between Humans and AIs has an obvious influence on the potential outbreak of war. Relations can degrade for two major reasons – conflicting alignments and the disparity in empire power. I believe that empire power is a function of both economic and military rating. So an economic superpower can inspire awe in...
September 22, 2003 by Ray the Wanderer
Before I move on to the other diplomatic moves, would like to comment further on part 2a and also the issue of my gameplay suggestions.

On the Flagship Drengin Ascension.

“Lord Kona, we have received a transmission from the Humans. They would like to sell us two techs for cash. They are offering to sell the first tech, Stellar Cartography, for 50bcs…”

“Excellent. What is the value of the tech, Chief Advisor?”

“Lord Kona, we already know the locations of all yellow stars.”

“What is...
September 20, 2003 by Ray the Wanderer
Next to starbases, Diplomacy is an area where humans could derive tremendous leverage over the AI.

It is mentioned that the Galciv Diplomacy model is value-based. I presume it means that AIs looks at a trade and compares the value that it is receiving versus the value that it is giving. If the net value received is higher, they would accept the trade (this holds true on all difficulty levels except Maso, where specific trades are restricted). The implication to this is that the AI doesn’t loo...
September 17, 2003 by Ray the Wanderer
Draginol suggested that I talk about the Galciv here on my blog page and that’s what I’ll be doing. First stop would be Galciv’s AI.

Galciv’s widely acclaimed AI is certainly one of the best I have played against for a space 4X game. The reported strength of the AI was the key factor that enticed me to shell out 50 bucks to download it direct from Stardock as opposed to waiting for it to appear at a lower price in retail.

I can’t remember the exact words but I read that Galciv is more a st...
September 9, 2003 by Ray the Wanderer
My first blog post.

Alright, I'm kind of stuck here. What on earth do people talk about in blogs?

Anyway, I noticed this score counter on top. How do I go about dominating this board? MWAHAHAHAHAHA.

Seems like nobody is going to answer me as this is a monologue kind of system. So I guess I have to talk to myself.

Interersting to see how Galciv empires are going to make use of this new feature.

That's all from me for now. Cheers!