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Published on September 23, 2003 By Ray the Wanderer In PC Gaming
Continuation of diplomatic moves favored by Galcivers.

6. The Mercenary

The Mercenary sells war declarations to the AIs. Provided that the AIs are willing to buy them, the Mercenary gets to circumvent the senate vote that is required when going to war. Alternatively, the Mercenary can gift the War Declaration to the AI for relationship improvement. This move is also the only way to declare war on an AI without physically attacking their ships.

Suggestion – 1) Senate to vote on war when war declarations are sold. 2) Humans to be able to declare war against an AI directly through a diplomatic option

7. The Diplomat Spy (DS)

The DS takes note of the AI planet and ship information available in the Diplomacy screen and sends them over to Strategic Command. Once contact is established with the AI, the locations of all AI planets are available. This information would facilitate more efficient scouting of areas still under the fog of war and also provides critical info such as the population of the planets, information useful both for invasion planning and determination of best trading planets.

Ship location and stats information would prove useful to determining which ships to purchase from the AI. The DS reverts on the location of the freighters nearest to target AI trade systems (to minimize traveling) so that they could be purchased. The DS informs on the military stats of AI warships so that those with higher stats (ie. produced by shipyards, etc) could be purchased as they cost the same as others with lower stats.

Locations of Starbases are also very useful. These SBs could be scouted out and tagged for future action – purchase or vulturing (claiming vacated resources).

Suggestion – 1) To make information available in Diplomacy screen relative to espionage against the AI. 2) Related suggestion of making intelligence of defending ships in orbit around AI planets as a function of espionage spent against that AI (ie. you cannot see the ships in orbit until you invested in espionage).

8. The CIA

This exploit is used in the endgame when the Humans are faced only with one of two AI planets that are refusing to capitulate (possibly to culture). The human sends the CIA with loads of BCs and persuades the AI to sell them their planets for money. It is often possible to buy systems for tens of thousands of BCs over 100 turns. Money that should be abundant in the endgame and a 100-turn purchase that need not be paid off once victory is obtained.

Suggestion – The AI’s final planet should not be purchasable.

Finally, a very popular suggestion for diplomacy is to request the AI to make an offer for trade items that humans put on the table, ie. the human puts down Corvette Technology and clicks a button, the AI would revert that it is willing to offer up to 800bcs to purchase it.

This completes the Diplomatic section. I would be discussing tactical combat in my next article.

on Sep 26, 2003
I didn't see you mention it in any of your articles, but the AI should recognize when it's been culture bombed and consider it an act of war. Culture flipping 'friends' or 'allies' into non existance is too easy to do. While you could go into all sorts of CPU intensive calculations for the AI to make to see if it's under culture attack and should go to war, the simplest solution would be to just say no culture attack/system flipping is possible unless you are at war with the AI. This would solve all the various 'cheeses' with the cultural starbases.
on Oct 09, 2003
"the simplest solution would be to just say no culture attack/system flipping is possible unless you are at war with the AI."
I disagree. Removing that would effectively remove cultural victory totally, since the ai would know it's at war and target starbases. You would have to rely on military to protect them and couldn't win culturally at all. This would just remove one dimension from the game. The ai should be coded to counteract, by building its own culture starbases on frontiers. This furthermore makes sense IMO as a simulation( though I don't care much for the simulation aspect) because you can keep trading with someone while trying to overcome them with culture.